Construction reports, households (3715e, 3716e)

File the return on a fillable Web form

Households must submit reports to the Tax Administration for all the building and construction work for which a permit is needed if the final inspection is on 1 July 2014 or anytime later. Reporting must be completed before the final inspection.

New report

If you are a private individual preparing a report on your household’s construction project, you can send it electronically. The first report you make must be named “New report”. If the final inspection of the house consists of several inspection sessions, you must file a separate report for each one of them to show all the work that has been done so far (New report).

You can save the report as unfinished and continue working on it later. The saved report can be found in My e-Services.

Making corrections to a report or deleting it

Make a correction or deletion as follows:

  1. Go to My e-services to look up the report you want to correct or delete.
  2. To open it, click Use as a base.
  3. Click Use as a base and then the Peruuta (Cancel) button in the window that opens. (In Safari, the name of the Cancel button is Kumoa).
  4. Set Correction or Deletion as the type of the filing.
    DO NOT click the Clear button to try to delete the report.

Note: Corporate filers must use the Report on contract details or Report on employee details forms when filing their reports.


Report on construction work, households (

Go to the information you saved as unfinished

My e-Services

File the return on paper

This form is for reports to the Tax Administration on construction work that requires a building permit.

Send completed form to:

Finnish Tax Administration
Special Sectors Supervision Group
P.O. Box 400
00052 VERO