How to issue a Power of Attorney to a company with a foreign representative

The accounting firm (or other agent) can create an online Power of Attorney for a company that has a Finnish Business ID and is represented by a foreign representative.  The rights to sign for the company of the foreign representative will be verified as the rights have been recorded in the Finnish Trade Register database or in a foreign trade register excerpt.

Foreign personal identity number or alternatively, passport number are utilized to confirm the Principal´s foreign representative’s identity. Instructions and procedure of confirming the identity are included in the Katso website content.

  1. First, the accounting firm creates an online Power of Attorney and send a printed copy (review summary) and instructions to the foreign representative.
    • The Katso system will automatically send e-mail (if an e-mail address is provided) to the representative to notify him or her that an online Power of Attorney has been created and will be waiting for approval.
  2. Principal´s foreign representative should wait until the paper-printed online Power of Attorney arrives, and then he/she can authorize it with his/her signature.
  3. After approval, Principal´s foreign representative can send the Power of Attorney back to the accounting firm.
  4. If no record exists of the company in the Finnish Trade Register database, the accounting firm should also receive a foreign trade register excerpt, its translation (into English, Finnish or Swedish as appropriate). Principal´s foreign representative should prepare and deliver this documentation.
  5. The accounting firm employee then sends the Power of Attorney to Katso Support service (Taxpayer Services Unit, Katso Support, PO Box 1094, FI-70111 KUOPIO, FINLAND) for activation.

There is a simplified procedure available if the foreign representative is able to visit a tax office that deals with Katso registration to approve the Power of Attorney.  The representative should bring along a printout of the Power of Attorney, an official ID document to confirm identity, and, as appropriate, the foreign trade register excerpt, and its translation.

Instructions for setting up an Online Power of Attorney are given below.

How to create a Power of Attorney for Principal’s foreign Representative (pdf)


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