Online Power of Attorney

The online Power of Attorney is a method to give an authorization to an agent (for example, an accounting firm) to act on behalf of the principal (for example, a business company or another principal party) and use electronic filing in order to manage the principal's affairs.

To facilitate the setup of an online Power of Attorney, Principal and Agent should have a contract that outlines the services to be provided. The Agent must have a Katso ID with which they can create a Power of Attorney in Katso and ask the Principal to make it valid. It is required that the Principal (or the Principal's representative) approve the Power of Attorney. Approval is given either by logging in with bank security codes through the e-mailed link or by visiting a tax office that handles Katso registrations. The Power of Attorney itself will include the necessary information on roles and periods of validity. The purpose of roles is to precisely define the extent of the authorization to enable the Agent to sign in to specific e-services. Any holder of a Katso ID with Master User privileges can set up a Power of Attorney.


How to create a Power of Attorney

How to approve and reject a Power of Attorney

How to cancel a Power of Attorney

How to issue a Power of Attorney to a company with a foreign representative


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