Katso Identification System

You can use a Katso identifier for logging in to e-government services as a representative of your business. MyTax is one of the services to log in to. In addition to businesses, many corporations, public organisations (such as municipalities) and estates of deceased persons can use Katso.

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How to get a Katso ID.

With Katso identifiers, you can also give an authorisation to an agent, such as an accounting firm, to let them manage your taxes for you. Alternatively, you can issue a Power of Attorney online.

Authorise somebody else to act on your behalf.

What is a Katso ID?

You will need a Katso ID for identification in e-government services. A Katso ID is a means of strong identification, meaning that it consists of a user ID, a password and a one-time password. It is free of charge.
There are two types of Katso ID.

  • Katso ID
  • Katso sub-ID

The IDs, their use and the details connected to them are managed in Katso Identification System.

You can only have one Katso ID, but you can use it on behalf of more than one organisation.

An organisation may have many Katso Master Users, Parallel Master Users, and other Katso users in various roles.

What is Katso Identification System?

Katso identification is a method of identification provided by the Population Register Centre, and it has been created for businesses using e-government services.

In Katso, you can manage your Katso ID, change your password and print out a list of passwords. If you are a Master User, you can create Katso sub-IDs for your employees and manage them.

In Katso, you can also grant and receive authorisations.

Katso Instructions

Katso Instructions
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