How to use Transaction search

  1. Log in to MyTax.

  2. Open the Activities menu on the front page and select Show all.

  3. Under Making payments, select Transaction search.

  4. Select transaction type.

    You can either search for taxes and other payment liabilities, such as late-filing penalties and late-payment interests, or tax refunds and other types of credit.

  5. Select tax type.

    You can search for transactions concerning certain tax types or all tax types.

  6. Select transaction.

    You can search for certain transactions or all transactions. You can search for the following transaction types:

    • Taxes (taxes reported)
    • Late payment interests
    • Penalty fees
    • Credit or refund interests
  7. Select time period.

    You can search for transactions during a certain time period based on the transaction’s record date or tax period. You can also choose to search transactions based on both the record date and the tax period.

  8. Click Search.

    Search results are sorted by record date from oldest to newest. You can see each transaction’s Tax period, Record date, Due date, Value date, Tax type, Transaction type and Amount.

  9. You can also save the transactions as files by clicking on Download as file above the search results.