How to use MyTax for your tax matters

These instructions help you to log in to MyTax, navigate the service and get an overall idea of the process of filing a tax return.

What you need:

Different stages of using MyTax:

  1. Log in to MyTax, i.e. identify yourself
  2. Select whose tax matters you are taking care of
  3. View the information recorded in MyTax
  4. Start filing and add details in stages
  5. Check, correct and submit the details
  6. Log off from MyTax

1. Log in to MyTax, i.e. identify yourself

Logging in to MyTax requires electronic identification. You will need personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. In practice, logging in to MyTax is like logging in to your own online bank.

How to access MyTax

  1. Go to the MyTax login page (link opens in a new window)

    You can also write in the address bar of the browser

  2. You are now on the MyTax login page. Click Sign in.

    In the screenshot below, the Sign in button is highlighted with an orange frame.

  3. Select the method of identification you wish to use. If you use your online banking codes, proceed by clicking the name of your bank.

  4. You are now on the login page of your bank. Select your method of identification. Log in with your online banking codes in the same way as when you use your own online bank service.

    In the example screenshot below, you can see the login page of the Nordea bank. The code application is selected as the default method of identification. Enter your user ID and click OK. Further information and instructions for logging in are available on your bank’s website.

2. Select whose tax matters you are taking care of

You can always use MyTax to take care of your own tax matters.

If you take care of another person’s, company’s or organisation’s tax matters, you will need a authorisation. Read more: How to grant a authorisation for tax matters

  1. You now see a page with three green boxes. When you are taking care of your own tax matters – such as checking your pre-completed tax return or requesting a new tax card – select My tax matters

    If you request a tax card for your underage child, select Act on behalf of someone else.

3. View the information recorded in MyTax

  1. MyTax home page

    You are on the MyTax home page, where you can see you own details. From here, you can proceed to submit different tax returns and applications. You can also try clicking various links to check what you can find in MyTax. You can always return to the MyTax home page by clicking Home on the top left corner of the page.

  2. MyTax home page: Note

    The Note section contains links to pages where you can read about topical matters. 

  3. MyTax home page: Activities

    The Activities section contains links for filing tax returns, requesting a tax card or paying taxes. 

    If you click All activities, you will find a list of all the things you can do in MyTax.  

  4. MyTax home page: Taxes tab

    When you scroll down on the MyTax home page, you will see links in a row. The links open different tabs, or screens at the bottom of the page. The default tab is Taxes. The tab contains information and links relating to tax matters that you are currently taking care of or have taken care of previously. 

    For example, if you click the link Individual income tax, you can see your tax information from previous years and file a tax return or request a new tax card.

  5. MyTax home page: other tabs

    When you select other tabs, you can see and edit other tax information:

    • Payments and refunds made:Here you can see your payments and refunds used for taxes.
    • Finished actions: Here you can find all tax returns and applications you have submitted in MyTax.
    • Mailbox: Here you can view the messages, decisions and letters sent to you by the Tax Administration. If you want to see a previous message or decision, click Show messages or Show all. (See the screenshot below)
    • Taxpayer details: Here you can find your own details, such as your contact information and bank account number.

4. Start filing and add details in stages

  1. MyTax home page: pre-completed tax return

    If you want to view and correct your pre-completed tax return, first find the subheading Note on the home page. Under Note, select the link Your pre-completed tax return is available for checking.

  2. Here you can see details such as the amount of your tax refund or back taxes. When you click Correct, you can file details for your pre-completed tax return.

  3. You are now on the first page of the pre-completed tax return. The pre-completed tax return has five stages: 

    1. Background
    2. Pre-completed income and deductions
    3. Other income
    4. Other deductions
    5. Preview and send

    The first stage is Background. On this page, you can check your own details.

    You can proceed to the other stages in two different ways:

    • Select the name of the stage in the stage path, which you can find under the heading Pre-completed tax return. (See the screenshot below)
    • Alternatively, click Next at the bottom of the page to go to the next stage. 
  4. If you add details on your income or deductions that are not shown at 2. Pre-completed income and deductions, do this:

    • Report your income in stage 3. Other income.
    • Report deductions in stage 4. Other deductions.
    • First find the subject on which you have details to report.
    • Click Yes at the appropriate subject. (See the screenshot below)
    • Then click the link Add new and enter the details.

    Read more: How to make corrections to a pre-completed tax return in MyTax

5. Check, correct and submit the details

  1. At Preview and send, you can view all the information you have entered. If you want to see the details, select the appropriate subheading (see the screenshot below).

    If you want to make corrections, click Edit. MyTax takes you directly to the section where you can edit the details. After that, you must go again to Preview and send.

  2. When all the details are correct, you can submit the return. Scroll down on the page to find the Submit button. Submit the return. When the Tax Administration has received your return, you will receive an acknowledgement.

    Note that you do not need to file all details at one go. If you add new details several times before the due date, always remember either to save the return as unfinished or submit the return. This way, the details will be saved in MyTax.  

6. Log off from MyTax

  • When you have submitted your tax return or finished taking care of other tax matters in MyTax, remember to log off. Click Log off on the top right corner of the page.