How to find the correct reference number in MyTax

  1. You can allocate a payment to taxes of a certain type with the tax-specific reference number. You can see the reference numbers by selecting “Paying taxes” under “Activities” on the MyTax home page or on the tax type page.

  2. In the window you will see the taxes to be paid and the details needed for making payments, such as the tax-specific reference numbers.

  3. Pay overdue taxes with your taxpayer-specific reference number. By selecting “Pay overdue taxes” on the “Paying taxes” page, your payment is given the taxpayer-specific reference number and the payment is allocated to all overdue taxes.  

    You can also find this reference number in the note on unpaid taxes that is included in the summary.

  4. Unread summaries are on the MyTax home page, under “Note”.

  5. You can find summaries that you have already read on the “Mailbox” tab.