How to ask for an Advance ruling in MyTax

  1. To start preparing an application for an advance ruling, go to "Activities".

  2. Select "Applications" – "Advance ruling".

  3. First select the tax you need the ruling for. You can select several types of taxes if necessary.

  4. Next, select the language you want to use in your application, and enter the tax year(s).

  5. You can write the text of your application in the field. Alternatively, you can add an attachment file that contains the text. If necessary, you can add other relevant attachments and enclosures concerning your case.

  6. Give the contact information of the person who can provide additional information: either your MyTax user profile, or some other contact information that you want to enter.

  7. Finally, you must indicate whether you want to receive the invoice for our fee in your e-invoicing address.

  8. If everything is correct, you can send your application. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. Alternatively, you can quit and save your application as unfinished. You can continue working on it later.