Frequently Asked Questions about MyTax

Why can’t I save my tax return as unfinished in MyTax?

You do not need to enter all your details at once. You can make additions and corrections multiple times. Remember to submit the tax return every time you have added or corrected something. If you want to change or add details, open the tax return and fill in the new details. Whenever you have filed details on income or deductions, they will be displayed as pre-completed data on the next day.

Why can I not succeed in adding an attachment file to my tax return?

When you add or correct something in MyTax, it is usually not required of you to add any enclosures or attachments. It is enough if you just save the receipts, vouchers and other documentation, and enter the amount – how many euros to deduct, for example – in the appropriate field. The Tax Administration will ask for more information if necessary. For example, you may have to give more information later about a household expense or about your expenses for the production of income.

Some of the fields contain a feature that allows you to add attachments (e.g. some commuting expenses and travel expenses in special sectors of work, or the sale of corporate shares and other securities). For these fields, you will see the words Attachments and “Add file”.  

I cannot print out my tax return in MyTax. What should I do?

Read instructions: How to print a document and enable popups in MyTax

When is my pre-completed tax return available for checking in MyTax?

Tax returns are generated in a randomised order over a period of two weeks. The returns generated first will be available for viewing, checking and correcting in MyTax on 22 March.

If you have activated messages, you will receive an e-mail when your pre-completed tax return is available. The mailing of paper tax returns will start on 25 March.

Remember to submit your additions and corrections before the tax return’s due date. You can check your due date in MyTax or on your tax return’s cover page. The due date is either 7 May, 14 May or 21 May 2019. If all the information on the tax return is correct, you do not have to do anything.

I have filed my tax return but I can’t see it in MyTax. Why?

If you have filed your tax return on paper, in, or in some other service channel, the details you have filed will be displayed in MyTax later.

If you can see a notification of a missing return in MyTax, but you have filed the return on paper or in another service, you can disregard the notification. The notification will be deleted when your return is processed.