How to file a tax return in MyTax - corporate taxpayer

  1. Select “Filing returns” under “Activities” on the MyTax home page.

  2. Then choose the tax type you wish to file a return for by clicking on either the “Select period” link or the “File return” link next to the tax type.

  3. Fill in the required information and submit your return.

  4. You can see returns you have submitted on the “Finished actions” tab.

  5. A return is regarded as received as soon as you have submitted it. You can edit or cancel the notice as long as its status is "Submitted". Once the return has been transferred to the Tax Administration, the status is “Received”.

    Returns are transferred to the Tax Administration on weeknights. Returns that have been submitted via e-services other than MyTax will be displayed in MyTax within 1-2 days from their submittal. The exact time depends on the time at which the return was submitted in the other e-service. Once the details have been transferred to the Tax Administration, they are published in MyTax. For instance, a return submitted via TYVI does not yet show in MyTax right after it has been sent.