Where can I find a tax card or decision in MyTax?

All messages, letters and decisions – including the tax card and tax decisions – are in the MyTax mailbox. You can access the mailbox from the MyTax home page by clicking the tab Mailbox. You can also open your valid tax card from the page Tax cards and prepayments.

Note that you can find your tax decisions and letters in MyTax as of the date when it became possible to take care of related tax matters in MyTax. For example

  • VAT and other self-assessed taxes as of the beginning of 2017
  • corporate income taxes as of November 2017
  • individual taxpayers’ income taxes (e.g. tax cards) as of November 2018
  • transfer tax and construction reports as of November 2019
  • real estate taxes as of the spring of 2020.

How to find a tax card, letter or decision in MyTax