Identification without Finnish ID - eIDAS identification for EU citizens

eIDAS identification enables the citizens of other EU countries to use their own national identification methods, such as ID cards, to log in to the Finnish Tax Administration’s e-services. Users can access another country’s e-services with eIDAS identification if both countries use similar methods of electronic identification.

eIDAS is an EU regulation designed to ensure up-to-date and internationally accepted standards for electronic identification.

Use a service request form during the transition period

The Tax Administration's e-services do not support eIDAS identification yet, but eIDAS users can fill in a service request form to initiate electronic processing of their matter. The form is a temporary solution until eIDAS identification is supported by the Tax Administration’s e-services.

Use eIDAS identification and fill in the service request form (

Verifying the safety and reliability of other EU countries’ identification methods

Before an identification method is accepted for use in the eIDAS network, each EU country must have their identification scheme notified by the European Commission. The scheme’s details are published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The identification method must then be notified within 12 months. A peer review process verifies that each country's identification tool meets the required security level and can be trusted across state borders.

Not all identification methods of all eIDAS countries are notified at the same time. The notification process will be carried out gradually in the next few years as different eIDAS countries and providers of identification tools join the process. At present, the only country whose citizens can use eIDAS identification is Germany.