Public organisations – how municipalities, counties, parishes and the State of Finland grant authorisations for tax matters

Finnish organisations must always have a Business ID if they wish to authorise other individuals or companies to take care of their tax matters on their behalf. If the organisation does not have a representative listed in the Trade Register, Register of Associations, or Business Information System (YTJ), they must first request a right to grant authorisations.

You will need personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card for granting authorisations and using e-services.

How to request and grant authorisations on


Select one or multiple authorisations

The “Managing of tax affairs” authorisation enables the authorised party to take care of all of the authorising party’s tax matters. Other authorisations only cover certain individual matters.

Read the authorisation descriptions to see which authorisation fits your needs

You will be able to select the authorisation later in the e-authorisation service.


Request rights to grant authorisations

First, you must make a request for authorisation in the e-authorisation service. The request can concern either a right to grant authorisations or a representative’s right to grant authorisations.

Request authorisations on

Please note: After your request has been processed and your right to grant authorisations has been registered, you must log in to the e-authorisation service with your personal online banking codes. In the service, you will be able to grant the actual authorisations (described in section 1) that will allow the party you authorise to take care of your tax matters electronically.


Grant an authorisation on

After the request for authorisation has been accepted and you have received the right to grant authorisations, log in to the e-authorisation service.

Grant the required authorisations to the parties you need to take care of the organisation’s tax matters. For example, you can grant an authorisation to yourself or to an accounting firm.

Go to the e-authorisation service

Frequently asked questions

If the guardian has not previously used the Katso ID, he or she cannot act on the person’s behalf in MyTax or other e-services of the Tax Administration.

If you are a guardian who has previously used the Katso ID, submit an Application for the registration of a mandate to get a authorisation.

Fill in the application form and refer to your existing Katso User ID.

Read more about when you can/cannot act on someone else's behalf on