Companies log in to MyTax by using a Katso ID. Individuals use personal online banking codes or a microchip ID card for logging in. This includes household employers, primary producers and the self-employed.


What can be done in MyTax for the time being?

In MyTax, you can

  • file self-assessed tax returns (for e.g. VAT or employer's contributions)
  • file gift tax returns
  • respond to information requests
  • submit bank account numbers.

For gift tax and self-assessed taxes, you can also

  • check the balance
  • read tax decisions
  • check bank details for making payments and pay taxes online.


MyTax is a new e-service for taxpayers. Over time, MyTax will replace the majority of the current Tax Administration e-services. Matters relating to the income taxation of individuals and corporations, among others, will be transferred to the e-service at a later stage. Annual information returns cannot be filed in MyTax.

MyTax has already replaced Tax Account Online and Online Bank Account Notice. You can still view and print previous statements and returns you have filed in Tax Account Online.

See Quick Guide and guidance videos for help with filing and paying self-assessed taxes in MyTax.

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