Katso Identification

The Katso system is offered to users by the the Population Register Centre. It is designed for corporate taxpayers to facilitate secure sign-in in order to start using electronically provided services. Thus, to identify itself online, a corporate taxpayer should have a Katso ID. The Katso ID is free of charge.

The Katso service interface website has been set up to facilitate user management of Katso ID data, authorizations and use.

Katso IDs are available to business companies, tax consortia, public entities (including towns, cities and rural communes) and estates of deceased persons.

Description of the service interface
The Katso interface lets you manage the electronic Katso IDs that belong to your company, including any ID-related data and information, and internal and external authorizations that your company may grant to various users.  You can change Passwords, print out Lists of One-Time Passwords, and create Sub-IDs for your employees.  When your company is a holder of a valid Katso ID, you can receive authorizations that other companies may grant to you.  Similarly, you can give an authorization to a designated other organization if it is a holder of a valid Katso ID.

The URL of the Katso interface is yritys.tunnistus.fi.

How to request Katso ID
For a business company
, there should be a physical person who becomes the Master User. He or she will receive the privilege to use the Katso ID. This requires that he or she has the right to sign the company name (signatory). The system may grant Master User privileges to everyone with the right to sign for the company. The Master User can create Katso Sub-IDs (restricted IDs) for employees. The system allows of later conversions of Sub-IDs into Katso IDs.

For a self-employed business, or for a farmer in an agricultural unit, Katso ID can be obtained and it involves no necessity of Trade Registration by the physical person who is the operator of the business or farm. For associations, official control process of representation rights will be based on the relevant register data. For tax consortia and for estates of deceased persons, precise information is available at Instructions, Katso representation of an estate or consortium.


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