Tax card

You need a tax card if you work in Finland. The tax card tells your employer how much tax to withhold on your wage. You get a new tax card sent to you every year in January. If your income changes during the year you can print out a new tax card online.

If you want more tax to be withheld you can tell your employer a higher percentage. For that you do not need a new tax card.

Is a new tax card necessary?

Use the Tax percentage calculator to estimate your withholding tax percentage rate (, the calculator is available in English).

  • You need a new tax card if your income ceiling has to be changed or the withholding tax percentage lowered.
  • If you want the employer to start withholding more tax, a revised tax card is not necessary.


Revise your tax card or change your prepayments

Tax Card Online (

Use your personal e-banking identifiers to log in.

Other ways to request for a tax card

Have your income and deduction information ready for a revised tax card

You must have the following information at hand:

  • Your projected income for the entire calendar year: Estimate your income for the entire calendar year. Specify your wage income, pensions and benefits. Benefits and pensions do not have the same deductions or same tax treatment as wage income.  Benefits are for example allowances for unemployment, maternity or home care.
  • Your actual income and taxes withheld since January 1st: Have the information about your actual income and the amount withheld since January 1st at hand. Give the gross amount (do not subtract the withholding). The date of payment of wage or other income determines the year of income. If e.g. the wage of December 2016 is paid on 15 January 2017, it will be taxed as income for 2017.
  • Any tax-deductible costs that you might have: Estimate e.g. deductible travel costs, home and student loan interest rates and union payments. If you present your deductible travel costs for your tax card 2017, they are automatically entered in your pre-completed tax form.

Your actual income since January 1st is on your latest payslip (or other receipt from the payer) or in the web services of Kela or your unemployment fund. You can find the amount of interest on your loans in your online bank or through your bank.

Tax cards for employment income

The withholding rate on your new tax card depends on what you have earned so far and on how much has been withheld on it so far. You must choose whether you want an income ceiling that concerns each pay period separately or a single income ceiling for the entire year.

Working for more than one employer

If you have more than one employer, you need a separate tax card for your secondary jobs. You can request one at Tax Card Online. On the card, you will find your basic rate and any additional rate, if applicable.


Students' income in the form of study grants may raise their progressive rate of tax on any wages or salaries. Kela pays your study grant and automatically withholds a set percentage on it. As a result, since Kela automatically withholds a set percentage on study grants,  you don’t need a tax card for this type of income.

Tax card for social benefits

Typical examples of social benefits are unemployment and maternity allowance and home care allowance. Many tax deductions are not granted for income consisting of social benefits, although they may be granted to you if you earn a salary. For this reason, even if your income is lower, your withholding rate does not necessarily go down at all.

Tax card for asylum seekers

Everyone who works in Finland must have a tax card. Go to your nearest tax office to get your tax card.


Go to Glossary to look up important tax concepts and terminology.

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Last Update: 3/6/2017