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Public broadcasting tax

Public broadcasting tax replaces today's TV licenses in 2013. The maximum amount of this tax is €140 per year. 

Individual taxpayers

The rate of public broadcasting tax is 0.68% of the sum of an individual's earned income and capital income, however the maximum amount to pay is €140. Individuals are not liable to pay the tax if it stays below €50. This is a personal type of tax, included in the official calculations of the withholding rates printed on 2013 tax cards. It is also included in the 2013 prepayment rates for the individuals who pay self-initiated prepayments.

The tax may be less than €140 if

  • Your income does not reach €20,588.24. The rate is 0.68% of the sum of earned and capital income.

It will not be collected at all if

  • Your income is below € 7,352.95 meaning that the amount would stay below €50;
  • Your age is under 18;
  • Your tax domicile is in the Åland Islands.

Public Broadcasting Tax Table

Taxable income examples (excluding capital income)

Tax to pay

€0 - €7,352.00
Individuals above 18 years of age


Unemployed individuals, basic relief income


Retired individuals, basic guaranteed pension


Retired individuals, average-level pension


Wage earners, mid-level income


Wage earners, high income


Source: Yle – Finnish Broadcasting Corporation

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Last Update: 12/12/2012