Buying a home

When you buy a flat, apartment or house, you must pay transfer tax (varainsiirtovero; överlåtelseskatt).The base of transfer tax is the full purchase price, with no adjustment due to housing-company debt.  If you have a home loan, you may deduct a part of the interest from your taxes.

Exemptions from transfer tax may apply if you are a first-time homebuyer. The type of dwelling you buy as a first-time homebuyer may be a unit in a housing company or an independent property unit, such as a single-family house.

Transfer tax on housing-company shares is 2% on the debt-free selling price, and it falls due two months after the date of signing the contract. In other words, you must pay transfer tax on the entire amount. Buyers must complete a transfer tax return form and submit it to the Tax Administration.

Transfer tax is 4% when you buy a house, which is regarded as an independent unit (= a unit of real estate).  Buyers must seek registration of title or registration of leasehold rights for the land within six months after signing the contract. The place to deal with these obligations is the local surveyor's office of the municipality where the house is located.

The bank form for transfer taxes is the same both for housing-company units and for real estate units.  Instructions for payment are printed on it.

Buying your first home

First-time homebuyers do not have to pay transfer tax if a set of requirements is met. The tax definitions of 'first-time homebuyer' and the 'first dwelling' being purchased are discussed on this page.

Buying shares in a housing company  

If you don't have an estate agent assisting you when you buy, it is your responsibility to both report and pay the transfer tax. Deliver the completed form to the tax office.

Buying real property

Transfer tax is 4% on the price paid for real estate (real property).

Tax credit on home loan interest

If you have a home loan and pay interest on it, you are normally entitled to deductions from your taxes. However, the rules are different depending on how the dwelling is used.


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Last Update: 9/25/2014