New business enterprise

If you set up a new business, complete the Start-Up Notification form.  For more information, visit You only need to complete one form: registration and signing up for the Tax Administration's VAT Register, Prepayment Register and the Register of Employers do not require additional paperwork.

For precise information for each form of corporate entity:

New enterprise – self-employed (private trader)

Getting started with a trade or business? You must complete the 'Y3' application form. This is the basic start-up notice for the VAT Register, for income-tax prepayments, for the Employer Register and the Trade Register.

New enterprise - General or Limited partnership

New general and limited partnerships must submit a notification to the Tax Administration, and they must also be entered in the Trade Register maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The Start-Up Notification of a partnership must be filed with the Trade Register within 3 months of signing the partnership agreement.


Go to Glossary to look up important tax concepts and terminology.

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Last Update: 4/14/2016